Katharine Whalen It’s time to tell the true story.
When I start a song, I search for a way to play the acoustic and – since I can’t sing – I whistle, sitting on my couch.
When more or less happy with this playing and whistling, I record a simple quicktime audio on my computer, then I let it cool down.
Katharine Whalen was actually recommended then by my wife at the time.
She had played me many time Squirrel Nut Zippers’ Xmas album (which is a classic), and happened to show me one night a solo Katharine Whalen Youtube.
I said “Ok, I must try a song with Katharine”.
My version of “Medication” was not yet ready but RaphaĆ«l Chassin (drums) and I had recorded some good basic tracks in the studio.
I edited this jam at home, added various organ parts and the song was there.
I then sent it to Katharine, who happened to be a very enthusiastic person to work with – we would do many takes until we’d get the vocals we wanted.
The magic with the Internet is that you can instantly communicate by email, send files, and work with someone living 4000 miles away.
I have made 85% of this album this way and the most incredible is, as soon as you express clear ideas and have a vision of what you’d like, that works perfectly.
Katharine’s vocals on this track are just brilliant.


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