“The Blood Is Love”

Ambrosia ParsleyWhat a song, what a brilliant interpretation.
I had (again) recorded a guitar + whistling on my computer (See “Tangled Up In Plaid” and “Medication”).
I was happy with the guitar intro and possible developments of the arrangement.
At this time, I was still in the early stages of my QOTSA project and I was meeting people and possible partners to share ideas.
During a meeting at Believe France, Romain Vivien suggested I contact Ambrosia Parsley (known in France as Shivaree, even if it’s her band name), which I thought was a pretty good idea.
I hadn’t heard any of Shivaree’s music for a while but of course remembered her beautiful voice.
I thought about “The Blood Is Love” for her, then prepared a demo.
I remember the day I received 4 takes from Ambrosia – actually 2 takes x 2 different mikes.
I listened to them, was blown away EXCEPT MAYBE one very little part here and there.
We were touring with NV at this period and I clearly see myself listening to the demo time after time on a plane.
One morning, in a hotel, before departure for the next gig, I sent an email to Ambrosia saying “Ambrosia, I’ve listened carefully to your takes, I love them. I am just wondering if you could maybe do a few more takes as I would maybe prefer this word (can’t remember which one now) sung this or that way, and maybe this line sung this or that way”.
When I arrived at the gig’s venue, Ambrosia had answered, and her answer was :
“NO WAY. I’ve made the best interpretation I could, I don’t feel like re-singing any part of it. Either you keep it the way it is, or you skip my entire vocal”.
I appreciated her frankness and honesty.
I did let the demo cool down a bit, then played it to Frédéric who simply said “Wow, these vocals are brilliant”.
I then realized Ambrosia was completely right, I couldn’t even remember which parts I would have heard differently.
Conclusion : beware of emails you send and/or thoughts you have when you are touring with another project.


Photo credit : Melanie Nissen

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