“3′s and 7′s”


I’ve met Skye when she performed live with Nouvelle Vague at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in 2009.
When I contacted her about my QOTSA project, she was enthusiastic, she is a great QOTSA fan.
We didn’t know what song we would do, so Skye suggested “3′s and 7′s” – also because her kids were fans of this song.
I adapted “3′s and 7′s”, changed  the structure a bit, and Skye was ok with the version.
She recorded her vocals and, again (which happened every time with this album, please let me thank again all the singers), I was amazed by her takes.
She had not only recorded some amazing solo takes, but had also created beautiful and inspired backing vocals.
I was nothing but grateful, the song was sounding amazing thanks to Skye.
I then worked in the studio with Vincent Taurelle (keyboards) and Raphaël Chassin (drums) until we’d get some great sounds.
This “3′s and 7′s” version is ambitious, with great developments and a grand finale Shirley Bassey style.
I am proud of it.

Photo credit : Daniela Glunz



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