“Running Joke”

Youn Sun Nah © Sung Yull NAHAnother one of my ex-wife’s suggestions (see “Medication”): Youn Sun Nah.
Youn Sun Nah is doing very well in jazz, she is really impressive.
She has also released a few interesting covers, especially a great version of Metallica’s “Enter sandman”.
So, yes, contacting Youn Sun Nah was a good idea.
I had a version of “Running Joke” almost ready.
I contacted her manager and all went smoothly.
I loved these people, especially when I explained that I would maybe edit vocal takes on my computer.
People in the jazz universe NEVER edit anything – it’s for real, direct to tape.
Fortunately, Youn and her team were open minded (“Ok, you can do whatever you want with the vocals, it’s your record”).
Actually, I didn’t have to edit anything since Youn’s vocals were simply beautiful.
I may have taken the 2 first lines from another take, I can’t remember.
Listening back to this version : “Running Joke” is a thrill.
I mean, listening to Youn Sun Nah’s incredible interpretation is SOMETHING.

Photo credit: Sung Yull Nah

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